How to announce to your child that Santa Claus is a myth?

Becoming a parent means discovering true happiness, loving a person more than you have ever loved yourself, idealizing your child and putting him at the center of your world... But being a parent also means facing challenges. moments of doubt and surprising questions: “Mom, how are babies made?” “Daddy, why is the lady over there ugly” and the famous and unique… “Daddy, Mummy does Santa Claus really exist?” If you dread this day as much as the day of the start of the school year, we totally understand you!

But do not panic, we will help you overcome these questions as sharp as razor blades.

The fateful hour of THE trick question is here. What to do??? we tell you everything!


Rest assured, in most cases you will be preceded by the world around you, classmates, cousins, older brothers and sisters or even the internet. Nowadays, it is much easier to have access to information and therefore potentially to the answers to questions of which ultimately not knowing the answers was not so bad!

But well, we are not going to hide it from you, you will still have to face it as a referent of the good word for your offspring, you, parents, synonymous with honesty and absolute knowledge.


Most of the time, 7 years old is the age at which children begin to gradually distinguish between fantasy and reality. Children wake up earlier and earlier and are constantly looking for new knowledge, so it is possible that the question of the existence of Santa Claus arrives in your house sooner than you think. Around the age of 4-5, children already have a more developed sense of questioning “how Santa Claus can distribute all the gifts on earth at the same time? ” “ Santa Claus, he goes through the chimney? “. Above all, don't break their dream! Answer their question while remaining evasive and above all, highlight their possibility of believing in what they want. Just like fairy tales, princesses and superheroes, it's up to the child to choose what he believes or not, his imagination is his greatest strength.


Is there a good way to announce such tragic news? Breaking our little one's dream is no mean feat... But there are ways to do it all the same, don't go at it brutally, you risk causing trauma and a total questioning "and the little mouse, does it exist? and Easter bunnies???” : the catastrophe !

If you are then asked the fateful question, we advise you to return the question directly to him “and you? Do you think there is Santa Claus? “ Depending on his answer you will be fixed on his desire to continue to believe in it or not. The best answer is that Santa Claus exists for those who continue to believe in him and that the magic of Christmas will continue to exist as long as children keep it alive.

If you feel that your child is ready to join the circle of adults... That's it... It's time to tell him that Santa Claus is a myth that is told to children to make them happy, now he is one of the adults. he must keep this secret preciously!

Now that he is one of the big ones, your child can in turn become someone's Santa Claus, the main thing is to make him understand the importance of sharing and the love that we give around self.


We want to teach our children values ​​such as respect, politeness or benevolence by bathing them in things to do, say or not, and above all… Lying is forbidden! So, should we feel guilty for this lie bigger than the Earth?

Even if lying is forbidden, it's true that some of them don't have a bad background: hiding their pregnancy from their family to surprise them, organizing a surprise birthday or going home to see a friend that we haven't seen for years… Is lying bad? It's more about the intention behind the lie. Teach him to distinguish between the bad and the good in a lie.

The story of Santa Claus, we have all lived it and most of us keep a wonderful memory of it even when we become adults. Tell him how you learned it at his age or the time when your dad, uncle or grandpa disguised himself by pretending he had parked the reindeer in front of the house. Childhood anecdotes are priceless jewelry.



Your child no longer believes in Santa Claus, fine. But he mustn't think that Noëll no longer exists! It is essential to make him understand that the story of Santa Claus is intended for the little ones but that Christmas remains an important holiday for adults. Explain to him that Christmas will not change, the family will continue to come to the house every year to eat the turkey and the traditional Yule log, that every year it will be necessary to decorate the house and the tree, and above all... The most important... Gifts ! But that's not true, he will learn over time that the greatest gift of all is to enjoy his loved ones to the fullest during this magical time.

There you have it, you have all our advice in hand! We hope everything goes well for you…Be strong, brave and patient, we believe in you

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