Boy's fashion exists, dare to be original!

Mar 12, 2024

Not easy to dress our darlings, between comfort , style and durability , impossible to find the ideal pieces...

All mothers of little boys say it, difficult to dress them in an original and unique way, unlike little girls who have an unbearable diversity of pieces and brands.

We know that boys have a reputation as stuntmen and daredevils, but let's not generalize! Little girls also have their share of stunts, finding the right clothes for all their somersaults is not easy.

Fear of poor quality, a stubborn stain impossible to remove or even a different style, each reason is good not to take the plunge!

Brown Henri hat, George khaki velvet trousers and Trudaine tartan shirt from Loir Paris

But today, we are seeing the birth of brands specializing in boys' fashion, which have seen here the opportunity to bring something new to a limited fashion horizon for little boys.

Loir is one of these new brands and we adore her, Pauline, the designer has been able to listen to all her mothers in search of classic pieces that are both chic and original .

A brand created out of love for children and with a view to sublimating them on a daily basis .

Boy wearing the ecru grimaud sweater from Loir Paris

Clothes that are both durable , beautiful and comfortable , she created these pieces with the help of her boys, the interest was to succeed in offering them unique pieces that meet their expectations and desires as little boys.

An approach that we love and that we fully support! To dress your children well you have to know how to listen to them and sometimes they can really surprise us by creating nugget looks.

Baby sitting on the floor on a carpet playing and wearing the Lorette tartan baby shirt from Loir Paris

Between tartan shirt, very soft sweatshirt and corduroy, we find an unbeatable style and specific to the brand. (to discover the brand, it's here) .

So, have you been convinced? Dare to wear pretty boys' pieces and send us photos!

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