Children's fashion trends: spring/summer 2023 collection

The year 2023 promises to be rich in novelties for children's fashion . The brands compete in imagination to offer ever more creative and original collections and our children have never been so stylish!

The ethical choice

This season, the priority for children's clothing is placed on natural and ecological materials (cotton and linen), ecological dyes to avoid harmful chemicals, as well as the choice of brands manufacturing in Europe in a responsible way. ( MOM(E) , LOUISE MISHA , MARSOU )

bohemian fashion

On the style side, children's fashion for the spring-summer 2023 season offers a variety of looks for all tastes. The bohemian style with floral prints is a must for little girls. This trend in children's fashion , inspired by women's fashion, favors a soft aesthetic that invites country walks under the summer sun. ( LOUISE MISHA )

Louise Misha spring summer 2023 collection

Louise Misha spring summer 2023 collection at Rose et Balthazar

mixed fashion

Another trend of the season in children's fashion , more and more present : mixed and timeless fashion. Children's brands are referring to more neutral clothing in both cut and color. Pieces that can be transmitted more easily to the different children of the siblings and which promotes matchy-matchy between brothers and sisters. ( MÖM(E) , LOIR , GRAY LABEL )

Little Things Collection

Vintage-inspired fashion

Increasingly present in children's collections, vintage inspiration appeals to many parents looking for more authenticity for their children. For babies, rompers and bloomers are worn on girls and boys ( LOIR , POPELIN , DANNIE AND LILOU ).

Embroideries, smocks and laces are today must-have children's fashion ( BONJOUR , POPELIN , LOUISE MISHA ). THE collars can be shown or added for a vintage touch. ( MARSOU , CEZARIE ).

We don't forget those that make more parents fall for their children: vintage high socks ( CONDOR , COLLEGIEN ) in baby, girl and boy versions.

Poplin Collection

The "mini me" phenomenon.

Essential on social networks, the "mini me" always cracks more parents and children. Clothes or accessories similar to those of the parents, allow to create a link between generations and children love it! Same print, same cut, same color, all possibilities are allowed! ( LOUISE MISHA , EMILE AND IDA , LITTLE THINGS ).

Louise Misha Collection Louise Misha Collection

The accessories

Children's accessories are also important this season in children's fashion. We notes several essentials: caps are more original ( HELLO HOSSY ), hats are chosen in straw, open-top or borsalino version ( LIEWOOD ), colored sunglasses have become essentials ( LIEWOOD , IZIPIZI ). Our children's hair is not left out with the matching accessories: barrette, headband or headband ( ROSE AND BALTHAZAR x KNOTS ONLY ). On the shoe side, the new children's models are adorned with embroidered designs ( PETIT NORD ).

Liewood collection Petit Nord shoe collection Accessories collection Rose et Balthazar x Bows only

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