Our colors of the season: fall/winter

The leaves are falling from the trees, the landscapes are turning orange and the morning mist is appearing… Autumn is already well established, but it's never too late to do a little fashion update !

We love the winter seasons partly for the end of year celebrations let's be honest, but also for all the great looks available to us.

We would have told you about the trendy colors of this season but to be honest with you, the notion of “ trendy ” is not the adjective that best describes us.

At Rose et Balthazar we want above all to offer durable and timeless pieces that from one year to the next will keep all their charm. The term trend is an ephemeral notion that does not represent our values ​​and our fashion.

That's why, today, we'll talk to you about the colors of the season by Rose et Balthazar, fall/winter version!

First of all, we find the pretty rust , khaki and terracotta shades, very warm colors that combine wonderfully with more nude shades.

This year our favorites for these shades are: Mom(e) , Loir and Bùho.

Mom(e) portugal, Loir Paris, Bùho

For more pep colors, we find our famous cinnamon , ecru and lychee shades. We absolutely have to thank Louise Misha for this pretty array of colors that we love, pieces with a bohemian chic look just the way we like them.

Not to mention our new Collégien brand, which offers an incredible range of colors including Chloé and Angélique in lychee shades.

Psst... must-have for winter: don't miss the pair of Collégien mittens in women's and girls' versions, they are so beautiful!

Louise Misha, College student

We continue with the very chic colors: navy , beige and ocher . For this new collection, we find Marsou with its gingham print and its beige milleraies velvet.

We also find Les Petites Choses , a new brand that has arrived on the e-shop. We love its unisex nuggets, comfortable and timeless, to be found here.

Marsou Paris, The Little Things, Bùho

To finish gently, we think of pastel colors. This year we are offering you in pretty variations of more or less intense pink depending on the piece, a pretty light khaki green shade from Louise Misha. In contrast, we chose the pretty cream shade which will bring more neutrality to the outfit.

Louise Misha

Our soft and poetic universe is expressed wonderfully through our winter shades. These different color palettes will allow you to vary outfits and styles, while keeping a bohemian look.

Tell us in the comments your favorite shade of the season.

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