Top 25 favorite children's activities

Being parents is a bit like being a superhero , you have to be able to manage the house, the work, the meals, and all that, while taking care of the children . One of the hardest things? Offer your children exciting activities during the holidays and every day !
To make your job easier, I've concocted this super TOP of children's favorite activities (approved and validated by my daughter!)
Beach photo with Garbo & Friends clover Green swimming pool and Garbo & Friends clover green buoy
1. Pool days
At home or in the municipal swimming pools in the area, swimming pool days are essential in summer, especially when the thermometer exceeds 30 degrees!
2. Spend an evening under the stars in the garden
We turn off all the lights, we prepare a big duvet and a canvas tent, and hop we observe all the stars in the sky. Magic moment guaranteed.
3. Take care of the vegetable garden
Manual activities are in the top occupations for children, they develop their senses. Taking care of the vegetable garden allows you to discover the vegetables, the earth and all the biodiversity that hides around it.
4. A film at the cinema
When it rains, it is difficult to keep our children in place. In case of a rainy day, I recommend the latest cartoon released at the cinema. A little popcorn, and presto, voila!
5. Start a herbarium
Ideal for discovering plants and flowers during our walks, the herbarium can be done everywhere and by everyone. Something to add a little extra to family hikes.
Rose et Balthazar music box made up of Nina and Miles wooden instruments: the sound balls, the cylinder shaker and the bell rattle, as well as the kid's concept xylophone
6. Perform a dance and music show in the living room
New Michael Jackson or new Beyoncé, our children are the kings of improvisation. With the pretty Rose et Balthazar music box and great accessories, leave them 30 minutes and let the artists go!
7. Read a book
Reading is one of the most soothing and developmentally important activities for children. It allows you to share a privileged child / parent moment, calm and gentle.
8. Go to the local fireworks
Summer is the perfect season to see stunning fireworks. Young or old, everyone loves it! Find out about the dates of the local fireworks and prepare your children for a magical, timeless moment.
9. Start a vacation diary
Playful and instructive, they are great for gently preparing our children for the start of the new school year. Something to have fun while learning, or even review the basics for us parents :)
10. Build a hut
A cabin in the woods, a homemade cabin made from sheets and chairs or even a cabin in the garden. The hut is necessarily a good idea to occupy our children.
Kids Concept kitchen kit for children consisting of an apron, a chef's hat, a glove and a potholder
11. Have a cooking contest
Pizza, cookie or chocolate cake contest. What better way to occupy our children than to combine the pleasure of spending time together with a great family tasting. Easy recipe ideas? Go to our instagram account @rose_et_balthazar where our recipes category will please you for sure!
12. Build a giant sandcastle on the beach
Who says beach says sand, who says sand says super sandcastle!
With children, the sandcastle activity at the beach is inevitable but above all very fun (sometimes even more for dads, let's face it!)
13. Long bike rides
To offer physical activity to our children while discovering the surroundings, nothing better than cycling. A favorite activity for children (and parents).
14 . Send postcards to friends
“Big kisses from the Luberon”. Perfect for maintaining the link between children in the summer, we love to send or receive them, postcards are the essential souvenir of the summer holidays.
15. Make a video report of the summer holidays
With a movie camera or even a disposable camera, turn your child into a super movie director. At stake ? Nice memories and a film or a great photo album from his summer vacation.
Fabelab lunch box and Fabelab water bottle with food, apples, sandwiches, almonds, tomatoes.
16. The Super Picnic at the Park
In the top activities for children, we find: going to the park and eating. All that remains is to prepare the super lunch boxes and fill the pretty Fabelab water bottles. The picnic in the park is clearly the jackpot for them!
17. Day at the amusement park
In the top of the favorite activities of children, we find without surprise: amusement parks. The super days loved by children to have fun and enjoy with the family. Center Parcs, Disneyland, etc… happiness guaranteed.
18. In case of extreme heat: general water fight!
Water guns, water bombs or even water jets... It doesn't take much to go into a water fight! Perfect for having fun while cooling off this summer, your children will love it!
19. Visits to the museum
Ideal for learning while strolling, museums are perfect and above all very cool in summer. We take great pleasure in going there and the children also love it. Special mention for the prehistoric museums which captivate children so much.
20. Farm Walk
Perfect for discovering farm animals out of children's books, farm walks are ideal and appreciated by children. We prepare a picnic and a great snack, and presto, successful summer day!
Kit Rose et Balthazar x Si Si La Paillette composed of a brush, a pouch, a shea balm and 6 pots of glitter
21 . Tonight is pajama party with friends.
The evening with friends is the favorite activity of our children. Movie night, a good pizza, board games, glitter make-up with the super kit Rose and Balthazar x If yes the glitter... A successful evening every time!
22. Movie Marathon
When it rains and the temperatures drop, we favor board games or movie marathons. Shrek, kung fu Panda, Disney… We are preparing a series of films, super cookies and a hot chocolate, your children will love it!
23. Forest Exploration Mission
Sheltered from the heat, the forest is the ideal place to go for a walk in the summer, by bike, rollerblades or on foot. We love its long family walks, perfect after a family meal and to occupy our children.
24. Keep a great summer journal
A memory diary of the summer holidays, what could be better? Your children will enjoy recounting each of their days in this great notebook, to reread years later!
25. Create a giant family painting
A giant canvas, paint and above all a lot of creativity, giant family painting is in our top favorite activity for children. Privileged moment with the family and great decorative object, we all validate this great activity!
You are finally ready for summer. Summer holidays are eagerly awaited for children, but just as much for parents, so take advantage of these privileged moments and tell me in the comments what your favorite summer activities are!

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